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As we start thinking about the New Year, it is just appropriate to celebrate some personalities that ensured our global visibility despite the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. Without these dedicated volunteers nothing would be known of Hope Builder. As without light, no flowers; they inspired our online movement, connections and impact. Meet Olayinka Olaosekikan.

Olayinka Olaosebikan is a passionate and energetic young man whose drive is providing solutions and adding value to individuals and communities. He is the CEO of SmartEdge Solutions, Co-Founder of Smartlynk Technologies, Farmers Pride Ltd and Nafarm Foods Ltd.

He is the Founder/President of Glorious Child Youth Fellowship and Glorious Family Ministries International, faith-based organizations helping and empowering people to discover and live purposeful lives.

He is the Tech Team leader as well as the Community Director of Hive Africa GLP, an organization that is creating a better world by identifying entrepreneurs that are creating solutions that affects humanity positively.

He holds Associate Degree in Pastoral Care and Ministry, National Diploma in Computer Science, Certificate in Networking, Diploma in Web Technology, Database Management and Graphics Design.

Olayinka has partnered with many National and International Organizations in deploying solutions in different sectors and fields of life. Part of which are Federal Government of Nigeria, Military Organizations, Universities and Polytechnics, NGOs, Private Organizations and individuals.

He’s well experience in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL Database Web Technology as well as major Open Source Content Management System (Drupal, WordPress and Joomla). He’s currently increasing his wealth of experience through Flutter and Ionic Training and many more.

This is the personality behind Hope Builders website and online network!