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Executive Chairman – Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education

Patricia Peter is an outstanding lady with great personality and a drive for excellence in whatever she does in life. She derives pleasure in impacting the lives of people around her positively, this informed her choice of a career in nursing. In 2007, she became a registered nurse, and a registered mental health nurse in 2010 in Nigeria. Committed to contribute to a world of equality and shared wealth, she has attended several certification courses, and remain teachable personal and societal wellbeing.  

A lady of diverse interest with a mastery of all she puts herself into; which is evident in her business PICKABLEZ – an online business that leverages on social media to sale fashion items across different states in Nigeria. Patricia empowers underprivileged youths with life-skills to make them self-reliant, to live with dignity and to live purposeful lives.

Due to her passion for humanity, Patricia joined Hope Builders as a volunteer in 2017. She has used the platform to leverage on her skill set, while also learning and working with other volunteers to bring hope to the less privileged in the society. She was head of Menstrual Hygiene management team in 2019 and was appointed executive chairman of the management team in January 2020.

Meet the personality on the Hope Builders pilot’s seat.