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Tripot Cooperative Society

It was estimated that about 4.3 million small and medium sized enterprises in Nigeria do not  have access to credit facilities to enable them to position themselves for emerging growth opportunities. This number is expected to rise as the need for entrepreneurship is growing dramatically. As most enterprises depend solely on unpredictable government grants for products-Service market expansion, coupled with the high interest rate charged by the universal or commercial banks also limit the development of entrepreneurship.

It is against this backdrop that Tripot Cooperative Society, a wholly Owned Subsidiary  of Hope Builders International Consult Limited is creating an opportunity for young and existing entrepreneurs that will enable them to grow their businesses. As a venture capitalist, we empower you as a venture owner to expand your business with our low interest rate credit facilities.

Tripot Cooperative Society Limited also has various investment products that assist Angel Investors, Individual Investors, Institutional Investors to sell their assets at a competitive interest rate. We have the expertise and renowned investment professionals who will give you result based investment advice which will help you realize profitable returns on your investment. Our investment platforms give you total peace of mind and help you to retire happily.