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Social Artist, Innovator, and Facilitation Trainer​
Social Artist, Innovator, and Facilitation TrainerUri Noy Meir was born in a small village near the sea of Galilee and is now based and lives in central Italy, on shores of Lake Trasimeno. He is well versed and experienced in facilitating with activating the untapped collective intelligence and dormant creativity in communities, organizations and multi-stakeholders eco-systems.​

Uri has trained with the world’s leading experts in Theatre of the Oppressed, Dragon Dreaming and Social Presencing Theatre, and uses them as trans-formative ingredients with which to empower communities and individuals in diverse settings and contexts.

He believes the powers of the arts in growing and making visible our interconnectedness and support the well-being of people, organizations, and the world. Trained and mentored by Hector Aristizabal ( he dedicates his energy to bring the transformative power of the arts to turn “wounds” into “blessings”, and illuminate the “what is” and “what if” in communities, organizations and whole systems.

Uri trained with the founder of Dragon Dreaming (, a holistic method for the implementation of creative, collaborative, sustainable projects, John Croft, and he is accompanying inspirational projects, social innovators and community leaders worldwide in applying it.

As an Advanced Practitioner of Social Presencing Theatre, he participated in the inaugural Presencing Institute’s Social Field Research Summer School, and he is part of a global network of researchers sensing and iterating new pathways for awareness-based system change.

Uri has a graduate degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Latin American studies.