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We are recruiting:

2022 is going to be a fantastic year for building new skills, being job-ready, and basking in that job-ready feeling. The Hope Builders Team of Mentors is ready to start rolling with the first set of 2022 idealists in our mentorship program. We will empower and engage you and other youths to be able to contribute to the expansion of the various sectors of our economy.

Target group:

The program is meant to empower young and talented graduates with opportunities. It is focused at youths like you who are looking for platforms and open to learning from experts around the world. Young people who are ready to open some important doors this year.
• Youths starting a social enterprise
• Youths starting a business enterprise
• Youths who see past the problems to the solutions
• Youths who are referred to as “The fixers”, “the doers”, etc?


• To enable youths to understand how the business world is changing and the central skills they need to thrive.
• The equip youths with tools and activities to model and develop basic skills for the changing society.
• To empower working youths to become employers and changemakers themselves.
• To identify youth change leaders who would want to would want to scale.

To thrive in the global economy every one of us needs the confidence and support to make changes. We have a space for everyone to jump in, work with others, solve personal and societal problems in imaginative ways because each person owns the future and we must shape it together.

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