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One of the biggest challenges before us now is in finding positive ways forward from the Corona Virus Locked Down crisis with the different communities, particularly in terms of supporting the vulnerable. Project Set Community Incubation Centers is one of the things we are doing together to strengthen the lives, sharpen the skills and get young people connected to the global community. At the moment many rural communities suffered a:

1. Total disconnection from learning facilities.
2. Lack of IT-related structures in rural communities.
3. Poor/lack of power supply to rural communities and even city slums.
While celebrating government’s move for a shift to online teaching, only about 25 to 30 percent of learners can access online classes because of their fortunate social and economic status. Hope Builders is concern with the many other youths without internet connectivity. If nothing urgently is done now it means cutting them off the learning space.

Solution in action:
1. Set up community incubation centers. This model will strengthen community learning structures where children, parents and community leaders learn and share learnings. This way, communities learn together and if one person accesses any online content, everyone in the community celebrates it.
2. Create Online Platforms. We shall develop adequate IT-related structures. This will not only keep youths connected but will link learners to the global community and enhance participation in online learning.

1. Set up 16 incubation centers.
2. Each center with a minimum of 12 computers.
3. Adequate power supply to each center.
4. Adequate internet facilities in each center.

1. Young people receive IT-Based training.
2. Learners supported and mentored toward JAMB and other online tests.
3. Community leaders get involve in mobilizing youths for skills training.
4. Local IT-experts participate in skills development of their people.
5. Beneficiaries well informed and committed to project sustainability.
6. Beneficiaries participate in online courses from anywhere in the world.
7. Beneficiaries do digital marketing globally.
8. Beneficiaries participate in any online business without stress.
9. Youths become gainfully busy.