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Following the need to reduce pressure from the government on the white-collar jobs, a non-governmental organization, under the auspices of Hope Builders Foundation for entrepreneurial Education, said they have successfully trained over 28,000 entrepreneurs within the period of 8-years.

The NGO disclosed this while Fielding questions from Journalists, during the review of entrepreneurship opportunities, simple tools, and techniques for the new game and rethink entrepreneurship Program, held in Barnawa on Thursday.

Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education, was Incorporated in Kaduna on 22nd October 2013, with the aim to assist young entrepreneurs and people, live the life of their dreams through skills.

Dr. Mathias B. Yashim, who is the Chief Executive Officer, (HBFEE) also noted that over 7,000 youths who were trained under the foundation have been able to establish themselves in one skill or the other and have given out jobs to over 27,000 young men and women around them.

He said, “We have trained successfully up to 28,000 young men and women in different entrepreneurship. It is also shocking to know that as an organization we have impacted the unemployed rate in the state and the country positively because over 7,000 People out of these 28,000 trainees now have a business of their own and has given out job to over 27,000 people in this country especially the Northern parts of the country.”

“This is really giving me joy when we got to know about these statistics, we have been motivated from the testimonies to do more.

“I got into this because I discovered that the challenge of most young people is the issue of curriculum content issue. It is not the fault of the young people that they do not have skills. It is not the fault of the people that they were not able to fit in, but the curriculum was fashioned in such a way that they give you something and your mind does not allow you to think.

“What the teacher gave you is what they want you to give back to them and they call you an excellent person. So we began to run entrepreneurship workshops alongside my team, teaching and coaching young people in schools for self-reliance and meet up with global challenges.” He added.