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A leading non-profit making organization in Kaduna State, Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education, has organized a 1-day workshop for entrepreneurs to educate them on modern equipment that would help them meet up with contemporary challenges.

The event that took place earlier this week, had different entrepreneurs in attendance.

One of the facilitators, Anita Nchat Kelvin, said the program is apt to address some of the challenges confronting the Human society, especially in the area of standards for global competition.

Anita who spoke extensively on the ‘Theory of Change’, said the idea is to be able to develop access to finance.

“We are here to talk about re-thinking entrepreneurship. Everybody claims to be entrepreneurs but people are getting it wrong because some people just learn skills acquisition meanwhile entrepreneurship is building a business that will live after the person.” She said.

The social enterpriser, Anita further noted that the theory of change will help trainees to understand their businesses in a deeper way, and assist them to give necessary answers to questions that People or investors will ask them including relevant questions the entrepreneurs may need to answer for themselves in difficult times.

“With the theory of change, we can be able to develop access to finance. Connection to people is for instance finance. So the theory of change helps you to understand your business in a deeper way, and assists you to give necessary answers to questions that people or investors will ask you, including yourself because, at times, you may also want to doubt yourself whether you are on the right track or not.” Anita concluded.

One of the participants, Mr. Tim Maiyaki, a griller who spoke with News-Port Nigeria during the event applauded the efforts of Hope Builders Foundation entrepreneurial education.

Tim said, “It is exciting to be here. It enriches our ability to think, widens our innovative capacity, increases our business ideas, senses, and how we can be better entrepreneurs.”

Dr. Mathias B. Yashim who is the Chief Executive Officer, HBFEE, called on the participants to make use of the lessons learned.

Mathias said the essence of the meeting is to enable them to think and go for tools or skills that can enable them to go global.

He stressed that Hope Builders Foundation wants to see the entrepreneurs build their own teams, mentor others and bring up teams under them that will sustain the knowledge.

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