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Hope Builders Social Innovation Competition is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills, innovative ideas, and business ability in:

  1. Climate Change/action
  2. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  3. Technology (ICT)
  4. Poverty/Hunger
  5. Health/Wellbeing
  6. Decent Work/Economic growth
  7. Quality Education

This competition allows students to turn their ideas into reality and win significant Scholarship and local expert mentorship. Additionally, it will introduce students to a world of support programs, workshops, and networks to grow their ideas. Anyone with a viable business idea on any of the above topics can get involved.

Entry Requirements: Entries must be a feasible and credible idea that has the true potential to succeed and to make a difference in their communities. Proposals that contribute to local community efforts with a global outlook are particularly desirable. Participants must be at least 200 level in a higher institution of learning and must be 15 to 19 years old by December 2023

Competition Process

FIRST ROUND – Applicants to submit their 2-page proposal that will be reviewed by the HB SIC Panel.
SECOND ROUND – The panel will then invite the strongest 30 applicants to the FINAL ROUND of the competition where they will give a presentation of their proposals.
FINAL ROUND – This round will be hosted at the Venue of the Learning Journey in Kagoro. The applicants will be giving a detailed 5 -10-minute presentation of their proposal to the panel of experts including a Q&A

Thereafter, 20 winners will then be selected from the final round with the prize money being split proportionately:
1st – 3rd place = N100,000.00 (each)
4th – 10th place = N50,000.00 (each)
11th – 20th place = N25,000.00 (each)

Competition winners become Hope Builders Young Fellows. They will then have the amazing opportunity of finally meeting their expert mentors. They will enjoy many other benefits!

Structure for your 2-page proposals

Section 1: New Idea:

What is your new idea? Which problem do you solve with your idea? A new solution or approach to a social problem—that will change the pattern in a field. How does your idea relate to the economy?

Section 2: Creativity:

Describe what it is you have to offer: creativity at both goal-setting vision and at problem solving; this is capable of engineering the vision into reality. What is the added value and benefit to society?

Section 3: Entrepreneurial quality:

Successful entrepreneurs are driven by the vision of solving the problem they are working on. They typically will not rest until their idea is the new pattern for society. At the same time, they are willing to grapple relentlessly with many practical “how to” challenges. Your business model, your sustainability model is all important.

Section 4: Social Impact:

The candidate’s new idea has the potential to change the field significantly and will trigger nationwide impact. The idea itself needs to be sufficiently new, practical, and useful for people working in the field to adopt it and turn it into the new norm sector wide.

Section 5: Ethical Fiber:

Social entrepreneurs introducing major structural changes to society will have to inspire that change at a wide scale and across different stakeholder groups. If the entrepreneur is not trusted, the likelihood of success is significantly reduced. Therefore, Hope Builders insists that every participant in the selection process be assessed for ethical fiber.

All proposals should be submitted in
Word or PDF form to: