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Meet Our Fellows

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The Hope Builders International Consult In 2023, gave 10 students the opening to participate in the social innovation essay writing Competition. To capitalize on the opportunity for students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills, innovative ideas, and business ability in: Climate Change/action, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Technology (ICT)… 

At the end of the Competition, 5 students were selected based on their outstanding  performance and won exciting prizes. These students are the first set of Hope Builders fellows. The Organisation also promises to provide academic support and other forms of support to these fellows to enable them build, strengthen and sharpen their entrepreneurship skills.




Cephas Samaila was formerly a student of Kaduna State college of nursing and midwifery Kafanchan before he proceeded to  the University of Maiduguri, where he is currently studying medicine.

His ambition in life is to become a Medical Doctor and to pursue a career in Nephrology.

He has interest in the Government, especially the ministry of health to interfere with and how health architecture in Nigeria is being run. He also has an interest in working with the World Health organization (WHO) in the near future. The reason for this path according to him is purely passion and willingness to serve humanity.

His hobbies include reading, playing and watching football.



Yashim Abraham is a student of Kaduna Polytechnic in the department of Civil Engineering  His goal is to be a well developed Civil Engineer who’ll be able to design and develop structures which will tend to improve the standard of living in the society.

Yashim has an interest in offering diverse opportunities in Nigeria ranging from transportation infrastructure to urban and rural development, and also renewable energy projects, his reason for this is making the society an easier and safer place to live.

He loves Athletics, Reading and  Arts



Aliu Martha Odufa is currently a student of FCT College of Nursing School, Gwagwalada, she loves the health profession because she gains fulfillment in creating a healthy atmosphere and wants to be able to impact the lives of the  vulnerable population including the sick, injured, the young and old. 

Her ambition is to create an impact in the lives of people, influence the mindset of the community of people around her and Inculcate the spirit of self-reliance and self-development while also being an advocate, making the voices of people heard.

Martha loves reading, Story writing, traveling,  learning a new craft, sewing and hairdressing on the side.



Aliu Maria Ochuwa is currently a student of FCT College of Nursing School, Gwagwalada, the zeal and passion for the human anatomy and physiology and steps taken to return the body to the Normal state of health has been her major reason of venturing into the medical field, and she feels being in this field of study paves a way in which she would be able to touch lives immensely.

Her ambition is to make an impact in individuals’ lives. she loves to see youths embrace the significance of education and prioritize it

Maria, also doesn’t see academia as the only path her life should follow, she sees herself being an independent successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. And she sees fashion designing as a skill that can develop into not only being a profession but a factor that determines changes in the world. 

Maria’s hobbies include reading, sewing and cooking.



Dorcas Daniel is currently a student of Kaduna state University (KASU), where she is studying International Relations. She chose to study this course because of the interest she has in knowing more about the economy and the relationship between Nigeria and other countries in the world that could enhance growth and development of the country. 

She is also an entrepreneur who is into  fashion design and  baking. She has the dream of learning new recipes and experimenting with new products. She also has a dream of expanding her business (DODADEC Kitchen) and employing youths to work with her. 

She admires the effort young people put in trying to make a better name for themselves in the society. She loves learning at any opportunity she gets that’s why she took interest in the catering and fashion designing business.

It has not been easy for her as new equipment is invented each day to make the process of business faster and efficient; with the support of her mother, she’s been able to acquire some of the equipment. She believes in the dream of owning her bakery and fashion house.