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Do you know there are over 1.2 billion girls and women worldwide who cannot afford sanitary pads? Do you also know many of these girls use unhygienic practices, like using rough newspapers or cloth napkins in place of pads during their period? Yes, we have girls out there who cannot afford sanitary pads and rely on rags, newspapers and napkins during their periods. Many girls get infected during the process. Some girls also miss out on school during their periods.

For over 10 years, Hope Builders has brought hope to many young people in Kaduna state and many other underserved communities in Africa . Hope Builders wishes to bring hope to young girls in Kaduna state who cannot afford sanitary pads during their menstrual periods.

According to UNICEF, one in ten African children miss school due to their periods. This means most girls miss 20% of the school year. We wish to ensure that our girls have access to sanitary pads. With sanitary pads, girls can go to school during that period of the month. They will also escape infectious diseases that may occur due to unhygienic menstrual practices.

In 2020, Hope Builders donated over 1000 number of sanitary pads to girls in 14 schools . This year, we hope to donate 10,000 sanitary pads to girls in 50 schools in Kaduna state.

Our vision is to see school girls empowered to manage their menstruation hygienically with confidence to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We want to see young girls break beyond limiting social norms surrounding menstruation to become active contributors and participants within their communities.

We want you to help us achieve this dream. No girl should be left behind because of her period! You can donate to help that one child get access to a sanitary pad. If you wish to donate, click the link  to Pad a girl.

Thank you!