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Rev. J. J. Hayab Inspires Hope Builders Management in a Storytelling Session
In our commitment to equip and incline youths to live conscious, connected and contributing lives to personal, societal and holistic development, we ally ourselves with like – minded individuals and organizations to impact our society in a manner that produces positive results that lead to peace, prosperity and justice. The March 10, 2020 storytelling session with Rev. John Joseph Hayab was an inspiring moment we will always want to have.
Rev. John Joseph Hayab is the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna state; he is the Country Director, Global Peace Foundation, Nigeria. The Baptist Pastor, a development practitioner and public affairs commentator believes that religion most not be seen and use to cause pains or destruction but should help us to appreciate and celebrate our common humanity under God. He emphasised that he love to see people making positive use of religion for the development of mankind and their spiritual growth.
Taking extra time to narrate his change making and success story, he emphasized that hard work, determination, vision, purpose and resilience leads to success. He talk against anyone who believes that government must do and give everyone everything. We all have to work hard and prepare for tomorrow.

As Secretary of CAN Kaduna state, he was head of the general administration, liaison between the Christians and Muslims for better understanding. He worked to ensure the rights of Christians are protected by government. As Adviser to the Executive Governor on Christian matters, his function was to relate with Christian and Muslim clerics to promote mutual understanding, liaise with religious organizations and groups to promote peaceful coexistence. Though his dream of becoming a journalist failed, he is working with the media to explain the views and position of Christians as it affects government programs and policies. At the same time sensitizing local churches on their civic responsibilities and the need to be involved in all useful endeavors.

Storytelling is one of the methods we employ to empower young people with trending skills to enable them thrive in the changing society. It is a human art form that teaches about the human experience. This is building the ethical and moral qualities youths require for survival. We want youths to learn to exercise individual judgements by using their critical faculties and to acquire a sense of individual and community responsibility. The aim is to inculcate respect for others and recognition of the equality of all beings.
As we challenge good people to become intentional storytellers, Hope Builders congratulate Rev. J. J. Hayab as a leader committed to human and societal wellbeing.