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I am afraid of the fear of novel COVID-19. There is so much fear, anxiety and reactions that might even cause some people to die but not for the virus itself. Corona virus literally took the world unawares. Something that was thought of as local suddenly morphed and became pandemic underscoring the fact that our world is a global village. This virus is infecting people at an exponential rate and if not checked, everyone could be infected.

This explains the fear that has gripped individuals and governments who are racing to take measures that will protect all. So far, the fatality from the virus is about 7,000 people globally. I believe, like the Ebola virus, God will help us to contain it.

Surprisingly we seem to have accepted certain realities that are worse than the Corona. Globally, on a yearly basis suicide claims about 800,000, Road accidents claim over 1.35 million, Abortion takes lives of about 42 million children. Corona has become pandemic because of the imminent death of everyone. COVID-19 is a wake-up call to our common humanity. Let us give up living for ourselves to live for humanity and the society. Living for ourselves and shutting humanity and society out of our lives is the predicament of our generation.
#RoundGlass community, this is the time for new learning experiences and learning ecosystems that equip and incline us to live conscious, connected and contributing lives of personal, societal and planetary wellbeing (#Ross).

This is the time to equip and incline everyone to take charge of – and act for –their own personal wellbeing and societal wellbeing and planetary wellbeing.
As governments put machinery together to protect us, let’s start living for universal wellbeing, then we will be safe from COVID-19 and good health would be established.